Citizens Police Academy

Twice each year, Spring (March-May) and Fall (September-November), the Cape Coral Police Department conducts a Citizen’s Police Academy; a ten-week orientation program designed to give citizens an in-depth, hands-on look at how and why the police department does what it does.

Attendees of the Citizen’s Police Academy participate in a wide variety of activities, including Ride Along on Patrol, Defensive Tactics, Traffic Safety, Criminal Law, Tactical Driving (yes, you will drive a police car), Police Communications, Forensics and other interesting topics. Graduates of the class will also be invited back to the Police Department on a regular basis for special programs.

The Citizen’s Police Academy meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm-9:30 pm in the Cape Coral Police Department training rooms. Tactical Driving is conducted off-site and during daylight hours on a Saturday. The program is free of charge. It is open to Cape Coral residents age 20 and older.

For more information, or to register for the Citizen’s Police Academy, call the Cape Coral Police Department Community Outreach Programs Unit at (239) 242-3342.

To sign up for the Citizens Police Academy, download the application by clicking on the Download Application Button.

Citizens Police Academy Video


(Photos courtesy of Portraits by Emma-Louise)