Lois Waltman writes:

"I would like to know the [protocol] on Amber Alerts. Someone must see a child abducted w/description of vehicle or by an unknown person before an Alert can go out?  Always makes me wonder why."

Thanks Lois.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has set criteria for when the AMBER Alert system is to be used.  The Cape Coral Police Department adopted those criteria and incorporated them into our department General Orders.  

The following criteria are required for FDLE to activate an AMBER Alert:

  • The missing person is a child.
  •  There is a clear indication of an abduction, and the investigating agency must conclude that the child’s life is in danger.
  • There is a detailed description of the child as well as the abductor and/or vehicle (photo when available).
  • The activation is recommended by the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction. 

For more information about the Florida AMBER Alert program or to sign up to receive free alerts when an AMBER alert is issued, please visit the FDLE website at http://www.fdle.state.fl.us.

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