Bruce writes:

"We live in a high hurricane risk area.  In the event of a hurricane, there may be restrictions on re-enrty into our home and area in general.  While our Id's are florida drivers licenses with a Cape coral address, are there other forms or permits that we may need for us to  show police that we live in the area?"

Great question, Bruce.  Thank you for asking it and our compliments for being so forward thinking.  Cape Coral has a comprehensive disaster response plan.  In a nutshell, this is a 3-phase plan: 

The first phase allows for re-entry of agencies and groups that play key roles in restoring normal operations after a disaster. They may include search and rescue agencies, infrastructure and utilities repair personnel, and official damage assessment teams.  

The second phase allows for re-entry of critical support groups, such as relief workers, healthcare personnel, and pre-approved critical business operators. 

The third phase allows for re-entry of residents and non-critical business operators.  The third phase of re-entry will commence when the following factors are resolved:

Access: Major routes are intact and passable.

Public Health: There is no threat to public safety.

Rescue: All search and rescue operations have been completed.

Residents and business operators will be required to show proper identification/documentation to enter an impacted area.

Proper identification for resident access includes:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Voter registration
  • Utility bill
  • Mortgage deed
  • Property tax documents
  • Car registration
  • Proper identification for business operators includes:
  • Business license showing ownership
  • Current utility bill
  • Certificate of use
  • Lease documents or similar documents
  • Proper identification for business employees includes:
  • Employee identification badge
  • Current payroll stub

We recommend a minimum of 2 forms of identification, so make sure that you add some of these documents to your hurricane/disaster kit.  Great question!  Thanks, Bruce.  

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