Officer Anthony Bianco is currently assigned to the Patrol Bureau. He serves is the U.S. Coast Guard and was Active Duty February 2009 through June 2015. Officer Bianco currently is in the reserves since July 2015 and has over 10 years combined service.

First Duty Station: Station Point Allerton, Massachusetts

Second Duty Station: MSST San Francisco, CA

Third Duty Station: Persian/Arabian Gulf (OEF/OIF)

Reserve Deployments: Guantanamo Bay Cuba in support of HVA and detainee operations,and Puerto Rico in response to Hurricane Irma/Maria

On February 3, 2009, he entered boot camp in Cape May New Jersey. At completion he was stationed at Coast Guard Station Point Allerton, which is just south of Boston. During his 18 months he became a basic crewman on three Search and rescue vessels and a Boarding Team Member. During his time there they had a mass evacuation of a sinking vessel just outside of Boston Harbor, saving over 130 lives. He was a Boarding Team member when they conducted a boarding of a high ranking Hells Angels member who was arrested on multiple federal and state charges.

In April, 2011, he was transferred to MSST San Francisco where he was qualified as a Boarding Officer, Simmunitions Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Firearms Instructor and made the Maritime Law Enforcement Force Protection Team for Advanced Interdiction Team 1. He became lead instructor of the unit and the team at 22 years old. He developed and implemented a Force on Force Vessel to Vessel training program utilizing Simmunitions and was awarded accordingly for his efforts. His team was in charge of counter terrorism, drug interdiction and presidential security. He traveled to every coastal state of the US for several different operations.

In 2014, he transferred to USCGC Baranof, a 110ft patrol boat stationed in Bahrain. He conducted surveillance, intelligence gathering and security of high valued assets within the Persian Gulf. He assisted in multinational training events including UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. He gathered intelligence on the relationship between Iran and their weapons/drug/coal smuggling into Syria during the rise of ISIS. He was part of a carrier strike group that prevented the closure of the Straits of Hormuz when Iran sent their fleet to lock it down from transit. If they were successful it would have stopped approximately 90% of the worlds oil export.

Upon release from active duty in June, 2015, he enrolled in the Southwest Florida Public Safety Academy for his law enforcement certification. He was hired by Cape Coral Police Department in June, 2016 and deployed to Guantanamo Bay in August, 2016 for Detainee and Security operations.

He will be continuing his reserve career for another ten (10) years when he’ll be eligible for retirement.



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