Master Corporal Jason Wallace joined the Cape Coral Police Department in December, 2007 where he has worked in the Patrol Bureau and is currently assigned in the Office of the Chief, Planning and Research.

Master Corporal Wallace is a US Coast Guard Veteran.  He enlisted in August 1999 and served 8 years on active duty. Following basic training at Cape May, NJ, he went to Training Center Yorktown, VA for Quartermaster “A” School where he was trained in navigation, basic ship handling, visual communications, and meteorological science. His first operational assignment was to the WMEC-620 the Resolute, homeported in St Petersburg, FL.  

While assigned to the medium endurance cutter, then Petty Officer Wallace qualified as a boarding team member, training officer, and damage control officer in addition to his primary duties of navigator and visual communications supervisor.  As a boarding team member, he participated in numerous counter drug and alien migration interdiction operations throughout the Caribbean.  Highlights include the rescue of a over 100 Haitian citizens who were aboard a passenger ferry that had been hijacked by a small group that were trying to illegally enter the US and rescuing the security team and skeleton crew onboard a small container ship that broke free from the docks in Port-au-Prince in the middle of the night during bad weather. Wallace also participated in the field testing, evaluation and refinement of a protype technology which was later adopted as the Command, Display, and Control Integrated Navigation System (COMDAC-INS) and deployed throughout the US Coast Guard Fleet and for common use throughout the Department of Defense. 

After promoting to E-5, then Petty Officer Wallace was given the opportunity for a new assignment with the Pacific Area Tactical Law Enforcement Team (PACTACLET), home based in San Diego, CA.  While assigned to PACTACLET, Wallace was attached first to Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) 107, and later to LEDET 101.  While there he certified as a Maritime Law Enforcement Officer, Instructor, and Detachment Team Leader, as well as a Weapons Officer, Intel Officer and Operations Officer.  He helped to develop the Coast Guard policy for conducting at sea container inspections, and participated, along with the rest of PACTACLET, in developing the Vertical Insertion protocols for tactical boarding operations. 

Wallace directly participated in the seizure of 22.5 tons of raw cocaine, over 30 tons of illegally taken shark fins, and the rescue of 159 South American migrants illegally trafficked via fishing boats.  High profile operations include the location and seizure of a Peoples Republic of China (PRC) drift net fishing vessel illegally dragging nets in Alaskan waters, which required working closely with PRC officials and resulted in the destruction of over 30 miles of drift net; and serving a high risk warrant for the head of an organized crime syndicate who was aboard a cruise ship headed to Coast Rica, in support of a long term multi-agency investigation headed by the US Department of Justice.  Wallace was also involved with two wartime deployments to the Northern Arabian Gulf and various locations within the Middle East.  He also provided maritime law enforcement and tactical operations training at the US Coast Guard Boarding Team Member School in Petaluma, CA, and to representatives of the Federal Law Enforcement community, US Navy, Japanese Self Defense Force, and naval and coast guard forces from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and El Salvador. 

Following an extended assignment with PACTACLET, Petty Officer Wallace was assigned to US Coast Guard Station Rio Vista, CA, where he served as the station’s chief Law Enforcement Officer in charge of all Law Enforcement operations and training, which included acting as the station’s liaison with multiple regional partners.  He also served as a boat crew member and certified as a station Duty Officer and Search and Rescue Coordinator.  Highlights from this assignment include numerous rescues within the expansive river delta area, and a successful environmental project initiated by Wallace and Station Rio Vista.  This project brought together numerous regional agencies to combat the overgrowth of an invasive plant, Arundo Donax, which was taking over the levee system, causing damage and significantly increasing the chance of catastrophic levee failures. The team worked through numerous issues and developed a method to safely remove the plants without causing further environmental harm.  With over 1,400 miles of waterways, the efforts were still ongoing when Wallace left the station, but the system was in place and working well.  

During his time in the US Coast Guard Wallace attended USCG Boarding Officer School at the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy FLETC Charleston, SC graduating with honors. He also earned numerous awards; these include: USCG Cutterman insignia (permanent), USCG Boat Forces insignia, USCG Tactical Law Enforcement Operator insignia, US Navy Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist insignia, the USCG Commendation medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary medal, the Global War on Terror Expeditionary medal, the Global War on Terror Service medal, the Iraq Campaign medal, a Special Operations Service award, a Presidential Unit Citation, multiple USCG Unit Commendations, and numerous Letters of Commendation and Meritorious Service awards.  

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