(September 11, 2019) - The Cape Coral Police Department, in its efforts to correct the injustices that have been perpetrated against crime victims, operates their Victim Assistance Program. The Program is a 24 hour on-call program, which assures a Victim Advocate will be available to respond on scene to serious crimes, to offer crisis intervention, emotional support and assistance to a victim. An Advocate may also contact victims/witnesses of crimes following the initial response by officers to provide them with follow-up information, assistance, referral and reassurance that someone cares. In making contact, either on-scene or follow-up, the Department may be able to decrease the victims’/witnesses’ feelings of isolation and abandonment, as well as educate victims/witnesses about their rights, and ultimately to help the victim deal with the aftermath of the crime. An Advocate can help a victim understand how the judicial system works, assist a victim in obtaining information pertaining to their case and access benefits under the State of Florida Victim Compensation Program.

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