“Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality for many victims within our community. In addition to suffering physical injury; victims often experience anxiety, stress and uncertainty when dealing with the aftermath of a domestic violence incident.” said Chief Newlan in a statement. “It has long been our policy to provide assistance to these victims in various ways. Now, with support from Ring and our community partners, the Cape Coral Police Department will add another tool to our inventory of resources.”

The Cape Coral Police Department is launching a partnership program which allows the strategic deployment of video doorbells in order to better protect and assist local victims of domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Camera Program will assist the Cape Coral Police Department in continuing to meet the service needs of a growing community with a value-driven, client focused style of policing that improves the quality of life of domestic violence victims. 

The Cape Coral Police Department’s Victim Advocates are leading the Domestic Violence Camera Program. The Victim Advocates are issuing 100 devices donated by Ring as part of a pilot initiative along with additional community outreach and support from a local non-profit organization, Abuse Counseling and Treatment (ACT).  The Cape Coral Police Department, Abuse Counseling and Treatment and Ring have come together in support of this program with a shared goal of reducing instances of domestic violence and providing peace of mind to survivors in the Cape Coral community.

In an effort to deter domestic violence offenders from violating a protection order or committing additional offenses, the Cape Coral Police Department will provide a home security device (Ring Doorbell Camera) to qualifying domestic violence victims. In offering this free service, the Cape Coral Police Department aims to foster a sense of safety and security to victims who may be fearful of their perpetrator returning to their residence. Additionally, victims who have obtained a permanent injunction for protection against the offender may be able to capture video evidence from their donated device to be used in the apprehension and/or prosecution of their offender. 

The Cape Coral Police Department does not have access to users’ devices, video, or data.

The requirements to be accepted into the Domestic Violence Camera Program are as follows:

  • The victim must have an active, final injunction for protection against their offender and can provide proof of the active injunction.

  • The victim must reside within the city of Cape Coral and my current address must be on file.

  • The victim is responsible for installation of the Ring™ device. Upon receiving the equipment, the device will be installed within one (1) month. (the Cape Coral Police Department does not install the doorbell)

  • The permanent injunction for protection must remain in place.

    For more information about the Domestic Violence Camera Program, you can call our Victim Advocate at (239)574-0656

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