Good morning, Cape Coral!

Cape Coral Police Department and Cape Coral Fire Department are glad to report no major life-safety issues as a result of the flooding overnight.

The water main break affecting the area in the NE Cape has been repaired, and there is a boil water notice in effect for this area. There has been rumor that the boil water notice applies to most the Cape. This is not the case. The largest area affected is the NE area around the 100 block of NE 16th Pl. There are a few other small areas under a boil water notice, but none of these were caused by the flooding. Please click here to see a map of areas under a boil water notice.

Fortunately, Cape Coral residents and visitors all felt safe in their homes or with friends and family and did not require the use of the Faith Presbyterian shelter yesterday, so it was closed at 11:00pm. The county opened two shelters, one at Dunbar Middle School and one at the Estero Recreation Center. Two people used the Estero shelter and no one used the Dunbar shelter. These shelters are remaining open for now.

Crews are still out surveying roads to determine the areas most affected. Currently, Burnt Store is still closed between Gulfstream and Durden with traffic being rerouted along Old Burnt Store Rd. Chiquita is still experiencing lots of flooding, particularly at the Trafalgar intersection as we have seen all weekend. Local roads, especially those in the above two mentioned areas, will continue to experience flooding for a while longer.  Once crews have finished their assessments, an update of the road situation will be provided. According to the National Weather Service, another 1-2” of rain for the next couple of hours is possible, preventing the draining of flood waters. So, again, please stay off the roads if at all possible. 

We understand that people are likely beginning to experience cabin fever. As the weather does eventually begin to clear and people venture outside, it is going to be very tempting to play in the standing water. Please DO NOT allow kids, pets, or yourself to do so. We are very fortunate that public health safety has not been impacted by the flood event, and we want it to stay that way. The water is not clean. It contains bacteria, parasites, and toxic chemicals. Swimming, playing, floating, splashing in the water can make you very sick. Please avoid it. The photo below is a photo of a downed port-a-potty to exemplify what and how these health hazards end up in the water.


Please don't wade or swim.

A downed porta-potty pours its contents into floodwaters in a Cape Coral neighborhood.