In the early morning hours of Sunday January 30th, Cape Coral Police Officers responded to a suspicious person complaint in the 300 Block of SE 21st Place.
At 2:20am, two brothers were out for a bike ride when they stopped at a park to take a short break. The men heard a car alarm going off and saw a male, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and distinctive white and blue basketball shorts, running from that very car. The men noticed that the male was also carrying a blue in color soft-sided cooler.

The brothers called CCPD and within minutes, officers arrived in the neighborhood. Officer Hugh Esterle located a male on the next block matching the description of the suspicious person. Upon being detained and questioned, the subject (identified as Clayton Bourcier 01-15-93 of 514 SE 7th Street Cape Coral) admitted that he was out committing vehicle burglaries. The brothers were escorted by police to Bourcier’s location and positively identified him as the man they saw running from the car.

A search of the blue soft-sided cooler Bourcier had in his possession revealed a satellite radio with an antenna and car charger, a digital camera and $26 cash. Bourcier admitted to attempting to break into 4 or 5 cars but was able to successfully get into 3 because they were unlocked.

Cape Coral Police Detectives interviewed Bourcier and additional charges are pending.

“This is another example of the strong partnership between the citizens and the Cape Coral Police Department, working together to keep this community safe”.

Clayton Bourcier (01-15-93)
514 SE 7th Street Cape Coral, FL
Charges: Burglary of a Conveyance (2 counts); Theft (1 count)