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Date: October 14, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police and Fire Departments Partner with Moose Lodge for Charity

Cape Coral Moose Lodge #2199 has partnered with the Cape Coral Police Department and the Cape Coral Fire Department for their "Tommy the Moose" campaign.

Tommy the Moose is a stuffed toy that the Moose Lodge has supplied to the City's Police and Fire Departments to hand out to children who are in a traumatic situation.

For years, Police Officers and Firefighters have handed out teddy bears or similar toys to children who have been involved in emergency situations that have required police or fire services.

For example, when the police are called to a home due to a disturbance between adults it can be stressful and scary for children. Officers will hand out a stuffed animal or toy to comfort the child. Firefighters often hand them out to children who have been involved in a minor car crash or when they witness a medical call for an adult.

Tommy the Moose will be riding shotgun with Officers and Firefighters throughout the city from now on.

"The Moose Lodge started as a children's charity many years ago. The Cape Coral Police and Fire Department's are proud to partner with them for this great community effort." -Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

Ed Hannon of the Cape Coral Moose Lodge #2199

with members of the CCPD and CCFD and "Tommy the Moose"