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Date: October 14, 2011

Subject: Suspect Jumps from 2nd Story Apartment Only to be Nabbed by Cape Police on Battery, Narcotics Charges

On Thursday October 13th at 10:00am, Cape Coral Police responded to the 4800 Block of Atlantic Court for a disturbance call. As officers arrived, they were drawn to a second floor apartment because of yelling, crying and the sound of items being broken.

An officer who was at the front door listening to the commotion, yelled for the occupants to open the door. Seconds later, Delbert Pitchford jumped from a second floor window onto the ground. Pitchford began running away from the apartment building.

Officers got into a foot chase with Pitchford as he ran southbound from the apartment building. As Pitchford was running, he began taking items from his pants pocket. He then threw the items he retrieved from his pocket onto the ground in the 4800 Block of Coronado Pkwy.

Pitchford was caught by police and taken into custody. The items that Pitchford threw to the ground were collected. The items were: a plastic baggie containing pills and a large amount of cash. Pitchford was searched by police and another baggie was found in his possession. This baggie contained crack cocaine (which was packaged for sale). The pills were identified as methadone. Pitchford was placed under arrest for possession of narcotics and an outstanding warrant for a probation violation. Pitchford told officers that he had no idea where the drugs came from, he further stated that the pants he was wearing weren't his.

Officers went back to the apartment to check on the female inside. She had been battered by Pitchford during the disturbance. Officers charged Pitchford with a count of battery to go along with the narcotics charges. Officers found additional prescription narcotics inside of the apartment.

Pitchford was charged with:

Ø Violation of Probation

Ø Resisting an Officer w/o Violence

Ø Battery

Ø Possession of Cocaine w/intent to Sell

Ø Possession of a Controlled Substance w/o Prescription (2 counts)

"This was a great job by our officers, they were able to catch the suspect and retrieve the discarded drugs. This is a populated area we're talking about; some kid could have found those drugs that he threw as he tried to avoid getting caught. All that at 10am"- Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

Delbert Gene Pitchford 11-13-77

4800 Atlantic Court

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