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Date: October 31, 2011

Subject: **UPDATE** Missing Person Investigation

Cape Coral Police continue their search for Garrett Kern and James Arthur. Detectives have now classified Garrett Kern a "Person of Interest" in the missing person investigation of James Arthur.

On Sunday October 30th Cape Coral Police searched Caloosa Lake and the wooded area surrounding Caloosa Lake. Police used cadaver dogs, searched the lake with boats and searched the wooded area on foot. Police searched the state preserve area adjacent to the wooded area near Caloosa Lake. This area was searched because investigators learned that Garrett Kern liked to visit this area recreationally throughout his life. The search however, turned up no leads.

There were some questions as to the relationship between Arthur and Kern. James Arthur is Garrett Kern's grandfather. Kern was raised by the Arthurs and has been with them since he was 3 years old.

Early on in the investigation, information relayed to Detectives was that Kern and Arthur had not made it to Kern's probation appointment. Further investigation has proven that to not be the case, as they did indeed make the appointment.

This highlights the need for patience. As is customary in investigations, information comes in from many sources and needs to be vetted before release. This is why we ask for your continued patience as we release information as soon as we can, provided that it has been verified and we are certain that it will not jeopardize the investigation. The integrity of the investigation is paramount.