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Date: October 4, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Make Arrest in Daytime Home Invasion Robbery

On Monday October 3rd at 1:30 in the afternoon, Cape Coral Police were dispatched to 4539 Pelican Blvd for what was initially reported as a disturbance with weapons. Police arrived and quickly discovered that they had interrupted a brazen home invasion robbery in broad daylight.

Officers arrived to the home to investigate the disturbance shortly after 1:30pm. Officers noticed a car parked in the median across from the home in question. Police also observed the side patio door to the rear of the home was propped open. Cape Police began walking towards the open door when a white male wearing a long sleeve black sweater, black pants and gloves walked through the door and out onto the concrete slab.

The male, later identified as Blake Williams, had a baseball bat and a ski-mask in his left hand and was armed with a machine pistol in his right. Williams noticed that there were two police officers with their guns drawn so he quickly ducked back onto the patio. Officers gave orders for Williams to drop the gun and come out. Williams put the gun down and came out with his hands up. Williams was detained by officers, who then were able to begin to piece together what happened.

Officers made contact with the homeowner, Mike Ponton, who was inside of his home. Ponton told police that he received a threatening call from Williams earlier in the day. Williams' mother recently had $1200 stolen from her by a known person. Williams believes that Ponton acquired $500 of that money from the suspect. Williams told Ponton to give him the money, and when he refused, Williams told Ponton that he would be coming to his home to "take care of business".

A short time later, Ponton heard a loud bang at his front door. He checked, and it was Williams. Ponton called police, armed himself with a shotgun and barricaded himself behind his couch. Williams was unable to gain entry to the home through the front door, so he walked around to the rear of the home. Williams forcibly entered the locked screen patio. Williams was able to see into the master bedroom and observe an empty gun case lying on the bed. Believing Ponton to be armed, Williams went to his car and armed himself with a .45 caliber machine pistol and a baseball bat. Williams then re-entered the patio looking for Ponton.

While walking through the home, Williams saw a diamond bracelet sitting on the dresser and placed it in his pocket.

Ponton wasn't sure if Williams was inside of his home as he was still barricaded behind his couch with his shotgun. Ponton saw Cape Coral Police Officers arrive from the window and called out to Williams that the police were there. Williams heard this and tried to exit the home. This is when he was confronted by officers and moments later he surrendered.

Blake Williams was arrested on charges of Home Invasion Robbery with a Weapon, Petit Theft and Criminal Mischief.

"This was a great response by our officers. I believe that we were seconds away from a tragic situation in that home, with two armed men ready to battle it out. Yet another critical situation in this city and our officers performed admirably."-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

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