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Date: November 10, 2011

Subject: Cape Police Detectives Working with FBI Innocent Images Task Force Arrest Florida Man for Computer Sex Crimes against a Child

In mid-September, a Cape Coral couple discovered that their 14 year old daughter was having inappropriate contact online via social media with a person believed to be a 15 year old male, but was actually a 34 year old male named Stephen Kozak of Brandon, FL.

The parents contacted Cape Coral Police and the case was assigned to a detective that belongs to the FBI's Innocent Images Task Force.

The Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI), a component of FBI's Cyber Crimes Program, is an intelligence driven, proactive, multi-agency investigative operation to combat the proliferation of child pornography/child sexual exploitation (CP/CSE) facilitated by an online computer. The IINI provides centralized coordination and analysis of case information that by its very nature is national and international in scope, requiring unprecedented coordination with state, local, and international governments and among FBI field offices and legal attachés. The Cape Coral Police Department participates in this task force.

The child's Facebook account was taken over by the Cape Coral Police Detective and the Innocent Images Task Force and contact was resumed with Kozak. Kozak engaged in graphic sexually charged conversations online with the Detective (whom he believed was a 14 year old girl).

Kozak stated that he wished to travel from Brandon to Cape Coral to meet the girl and engage in sexual activity. On November 9th, Kozak contacted the Detective via Facebook (again believing that he was talking to a 14 year old girl) and again initiated a graphic sexually charged conversation. This time, Kozak expressed his desire to come to Cape Coral and engage in sexual contact with the child that day.

On November 9th, Kozak arrived at an undercover residence in Lee County Florida, believing that he arrived at the home of the child. Kozak was taken into custody by authorities. A search of his car revealed a GPS device with the final destination entered as that of the undercover residence. Kozak was also in possession of condoms.

Stephen Kozak was arrested for Utilizing a Computer Service to Solicit a Minor Child for a Sex Act and for Traveling to Meet a Minor Child for the Purpose of Engaging in a Sex Act.

"These parents did it right. They were involved in their child's online activities and contacted police when they found something that wasn't right. This is a disturbing case but it goes to show that this type of criminal activity and danger can happen here, and it is very real. The Cape Coral Police Department urges parents to get involved in their children's online activities. Please monitor what they access and who they communicate with online."- Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

Stephen Kozak 11/21/76

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