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Date: November 21, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Make Arrest in Convenience Store Armed Robbery

On November 19th at 3:40am, Cape Coral Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at the Circle K convenience store located at 533 Cape Coral Parkway East.

A male in a hooded sweatshirt armed with a large knife, threatened the clerk and demanded money. The clerk gave the suspect approximately $50. The suspect then ran out of the store and got into a white pickup truck and drove away.

Cape Officers were in the area within minutes and quickly spotted a white pickup truck. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was detained. The clerk was brought to the scene of the traffic stop however he was not able to identify the driver as the robbery suspect, as the driver was not wearing the same sweatshirt and red shorts as the robber. The driver, Robert Heudorf was released from the traffic stop and he was free to go.

Officers at the Circle K were able to check the surveillance video of the robbery and noticed that the robber was wearing distinct white colored sandals during the crime. Officers that had earlier pulled Heudorf over remembered that he too was wearing distinct white sandals, the same type from the robbery video.

Officers went to Heudorf's residence to speak with him again. Officers were invited inside by Heudorf's parents. Once inside, Officers found a sweatshirt and red shorts identical to the ones worn by the robber in the surveillance video, sitting on the floor of Heudorf's bedroom. The shorts even had the same stain on the leg as the ones worn by the robber in the Circle K video. Officers also found a knife like the one used by the robber, in Heudorf's room.

Robert Ross Heudorf was placed under arrest on charges of Armed Robbery and taken to the Lee County Jail. While en-route to jail, Heudorf told officers that "millions of people in Cape Coral have the exact same clothes".

"This was great teamwork between the Officers and Supervisors of the 4th Platoon as well as our Detective Bureau. A quick response to the area coupled with patience in putting the pieces of evidence together is what solved this violent crime."-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

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