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Date: December 19, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Officer Stationed in Afghanistan Grateful to the Citizens of Cape Coral for Show of Support

Cape Coral Police Officer, and US Army Captain, Joe Wayland is currently wrapping up a tour of duty in the Middle East. He recently sent a photo of a banner that was shipped to his company from Cape Coral, Florida.

The banner was a project organized by the City of Cape Coral to lift the spirits of our Soldiers serving overseas. The banner was signed by residents of Cape Coral and it was sent to the Soldiers in Afghanistan.

The gesture did indeed lift the spirits of those serving our country abroad. Below is an email that was sent by Officer Wayland on December 17th.

"Here is a banner that we hung up from the residents of Cape Coral. If there is a way you can get a thank you out for the soldiers assigned over here I would appreciate it. Thanks Lt."-Cape Coral Police Officer Joseph Wayland (Captain, US Army).

The banner was actually displayed for the troops of the company to see at the US Army Base in Afghanistan.