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Date: December 5, 2011

Subject: Cape Police Detectives Arrest Caretaker for Seniors on Charges of Grand Theft; Dealing in Stolen Property

Cape Coral Police Detectives have arrested Melanie Roff, 62 of North Fort Myers, for grand theft, dealing in stolen property and violation of pawnbroker act.

Roff was working for Senior Companion Care of Fort Myers providing home care services for an elderly couple in Cape Coral since April of this year. After several formal visits, Roff began making informal visits to the couples Cape Coral home.

The victims began noticing pieces of jewelry missing from a jewelry armoire over the past several weeks. On November 12th, Roff showed up unannounced and asked to borrow some towels for a benefit event. The victims allowed her to borrow the towels and watched her enter the master bedroom. The victims' found it odd that Roff closed the bedroom door behind her.

After what seemed to be an unusual amount of time to retrieve towels, the victim entered the master bedroom and saw Roff quickly close the jewelry armoire and go into the master bathroom. After Roff left their home, the victims discovered a sapphire earring on the bathroom floor. They checked the armoire and could not find the match. They also discovered that a necklace was now missing.

The victims contacted police to initiate an investigation. On November 23rd, Detective Michael Toleman found several transactions with second-hand dealers for jewelry involving Roff. One transaction in particular was at Gold Coast Coin in which Roff sold a necklace immediately after her encounter at the victim's home.

Paperwork from the transactions that had Roff's signature and thumbprint were seized. The dealers at the businesses positively identified Roff as the person that sold the jewelry also. The item sold was the necklace belonging to the elderly Cape Coral couple.

On November 30th, Detective Toleman interviewed Roff regarding the missing jewelry. Roff admitted to selling jewelry to Gulf Coast Coin but denied that it was jewelry belonging to the Cape Coral victims. She believed that she probably purchased the necklace from an unknown person but couldn't remember when or where. Detective Toleman then placed Roff under arrest for the crimes.

Melanie Marie Roff 02/26/62

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