Subject: Cape Coral Police Truly Doing More with Less to Keep Essential Service

The Cape Coral Police Department has reorganized the Victim Advocate program, which allows the department to maintain current service levels while achieving a 52% reduction in the cost to the taxpayers of Cape Coral. This was accomplished by eliminating a position and reallocating tasks, and the anticipation of a $60,000 grant from Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office to aid in meeting the community’s needs. Continuing funding from the Attorney General’s office is likely for FY 2012.

Chief Murphy commented in his report to City Manager King “Our program is recognized as one of the finest in the state, and we will maintain this program at a reduced cost to our citizens. As such, it is our belief that continuing the program at an annual cost of less than one dollar per resident is in the community’s best interest”. Chief Murphy went on to state about the department’s reorganization, “One of our organizational goals is to challenge the norm by identifying fiscal and organizational efficiencies. We have accomplished this in the instant matter.”

“Our victim advocates provide support and comfort to families in our community during some of their most difficult moments,” said City Manager Gary King. “Their encouragement and assistance in these moments is a valued service to our many citizens.”