Subject: Cape Coral Police Make Arrest Suspect in Stabbing Investigation

Cape Coral Police Officers have arrested a suspect in an early morning stabbing that occurred at 630 SE 13th Place. Shortly after midnight, officers responded to a call from a man who stated that his friend had been stabbed.

Officers arrived on scene and found the victim with a stab wound to his stomach. The victim told police that a neighbor, David Zapatier Palacios, stabbed him in the stomach as the two of them argued in the courtyard of their complex. The argument was reportedly over a woman.

Officers located Zapatier Palacios walking down the street a block away from the crime scene. Zapatier Palacios confirmed with the officers that he did indeed have an altercation with the victim but the victim must have stabbed himself.

A witness to the altercation was brought to the location where officers had Zapatier Palacios detained and positively identified him as the suspect who stabbed the victim.

David Zapatier Palacios was arrested on charges of Aggravated Battery. The victim was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

David Andres Zapatier-Palacios 11-13-79
630 SE 13th Place #11
Cape Coral, FL 33990