Date: February 2, 2011


Subject: Cape Coral Police Arrest Burglar with Help of New "Shoeprint ID Software"

Cape Coral Police Detectives arrest Scott Joseph Krupp on charges ofBurglary and Grand Theft with help from the department's new shoeprintID computer software. This software has only been in use for one week.

On January 27th, officers responded to a report of a commercial burglaryat 1319 Miramar Street. At this burglary, the suspect smashed out awindow at the back of the building to gain entry. Once inside, thesuspect stole computers and other electronics. The suspect did leave onething behind however, his shoeprints. CCPD Forensics Technicians tookphotos of the suspect's shoeprints and entered them into a database thatthe department recently purchased using grant money.

On January 29th, Cape Coral Police Officers conducted a traffic stop ona vehicle being driven by Krupp near Viscaya Pkwy and SE 24th Avenue. Acheck of his driver's license revealed that it was suspended for over ayear. As officers were attempting to arrest Krupp for the trafficcharges (not knowing he was a suspect in any other crimes), Krupp ranfrom police and jumped into a canal. He was arrested moments later;however is shoes came off of his feet and sank to the bottom of the canal.

The following day, Detectives developed Krupp as a suspect in twoseparate home burglaries and the burglary to 1319 Miramar. Learningabout his arrest the day previous and his missing shoes, detectivesemployed the Cape Coral Police Department's Dive Team to search forKrupp's shoes in the canal where he lost them. The dive team locatedKrupp's shoes at the bottom of the canal. After comparing the tread onthe bottom of Krupp's shoes with those prints collected from the earlierburglary, it was learned that the two matched. A search of Krupp's homerevealed tools used to commit other home burglaries and property taken during the crimes.

Still sitting in jail on the traffic charges, Krupp was additionallycharged with 2 counts of Burglary of a Dwelling and 2 counts of GrandTheft. Additional burglary charges are pending other laboratory testing.

Scott Joseph Krupp 03-12-80
1316 Miramar Street #2 Cape Coral, FL 33904