Cape Coral Police responded to a large disturbance at 1620 SE 46th Street this afternoon.

During the course of the investigation, as officers were quelling the physical encounter in the front yard of the resisence, one of the officers was struck on the back of the leg.

As the officer turned around, he observed a large unknown breed dog lunging at him.

The officer fired at the dog from his service weapon killing it.

As is standard procedure, the incident is under internal review.

Lee County Animal Control retrieved the dog.

Charles, James W. (w/m, 08/01/60)
1620 SE 46th Street was arrested on charges of:

Obstruction: Failure to follow lawful command.

Charles was released at the scene with a Notice to Appear in court in lieu of being taken to jail.
(this is not uncommon in misdemeanor cases.)
*please hold all further inquiries until Monday. Thank you.