Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990


Date: March 17, 2011


Subject: Cape Coral Police Make Arrest in Wednesday Shooting


On March 16th, Cape Coral Police responded to 1710 SE 14th Street and 1821 SE 8th Avenue, after several calls regarding a disturbance and shooting. Upon arrival at 1821 SE 8th Avenue Officers and Detectives made contact with two victims, Scott Minnick and Robert Sharkey. The victims stated that they had gone to Daniel Jackson's residence (1710 SE14th Street) to make contact with Jackson regarding an ongoing dispute.


Minnick dropped Sharkey off at the corner and continued down the street to make a U-turn. Sharkey began walking to the front of Jackson'sresidence when he observed Jackson exit through the front door of his house holding a long rifle or shotgun.


By this time, Minnick was driving back up to Jackson's house and he too saw him armed with a gun and yelled for Sharkey to get back into the van. As Sharkey got back into the van, Jackson walked towards the van,pointed the rifle at Minnick and told him that he was going to shoot him.


As Minnick and Sharkey drove away, they looked back and saw Jackson standing in the roadway pointing the rifle at their vehicle. The victims stated they then heard a loud bang and the impact of the projectile striking their vehicle.


Cape Coral Police Detectives interviewed Jackson at the scene. Jackson admitted that he did indeed go outside to confront the victims however he denied being armed and denied shooting at them. Meanwhile, police forensics investigators processed the victim's van and recovered a projectile. Detectives located a neighbor that said Jackson came to him earlier and asked him to hold on to a rifle for him. The rifle, which matches the description given by the victims, was recovered by police.  Jackson was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault and Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle.


"Great job by everyone involved in the shooting investigation today. You see what teamwork can accomplish in such a short period of time," said Captain Mike Urraro, commander of the Detective Bureau.