Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990


Date: March 21, 2011


Subject: Cape Coral Police Detectives Arrest Couple on Multiple BurglaryCharges



On March 17th Cape Coral Police Detectives arrested Jack Bullock andBrittany Lehew on numerous residential burglary and grand theft charges.


On February 21st, Cape Coral Police Officers responded to a burglary ata home on SW 2nd Place. The victim reported that she was away from herhome from 10am to 12:30pm to attend a church function. During that time,someone broke into her home and stole jewelry, a cell phone and blankchecks.


Officer Thomas Wagner processed the scene and obtained fingerprints fromthe sliding glass door (the point of entry). The prints were analyzed bythe department's forensics unit and were found to be a match forBrittany Lehew.


Detectives began a search for Lehew and her boyfriend Bullock who was asuspect in a few other burglaries. On March 17th, Detectives got a tipon where the two might be and set up surveillance on the location. Atnoon, the two were seen leaving the residence in a vehicle. A trafficstop was conducted and the two were taken into custody.


At police headquarters, Detectives Kerns and Hicks interviewed Lehew andBullock. The two admitted to committing at least 14 burglaries. Lehewand Bullock rode around with Detectives Goliszeski and Luzarraga andpointed out the houses they had broken into.


Detective Lebid obtained a search warrant for the couple's home andvehicle. The search led to the recovery of several stolen firearms, flatscreen TVs and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.