Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: March 21, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Detectives Make Arrest in $100K EmbezzlementCase

On August 11th 2010, representatives of Turbine Generator Maintenance(TGM) reported a theft from the business. TGM reps stated that anemployee, Amy Bennett, had used the company credit cards to obtainunauthorized funds via Pay Pal.

Amy Bennett was the senior staff accountant at Turbine GeneratorMaintenance for several years. One of her duties was to obtain thebusiness credit card statements, check them, and obtain the employees'expense reports. Bennett did not have any actual cards in herpossession; however, she did have the account number due to getting thestatements from American Express.

Bennett used her knowledge of the American Express credit card numbersto make unauthorized Pay Pal transactions for her own personal benefit.The card holders (employees of Turbine Generator) had no knowledge thatBennett was using their card numbers to make unauthorized purchases.

All of the money taken was eventually transferred into Bennett'spersonal bank account, used to make purchases from Pay Pal or othersources, or used to pay personal bills. The total amount stolen viaunauthorized Pay Pal charges is $122,900 dollars, and the total amountused to pay bills or make on-line purchases is $7,765 dollars.

Detective Tracy Hataway conducted the investigation and obtained anarrest warrant for Amy Bennett on charges of:

Grand Theft over $100,000 dollars (1st Degree Felony)

Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information over $50,000 (1stDegree Felony)

Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information over $5,000 (2ndDegree Felony)

Bennett turned herself in on March 3rd 2011.