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Date: March 23, 2011

Subject: Update: Cape Coral Police Respond to Aggravated Assault,Possible Barricaded Gunman Call

On Wednesday March 23, 2011 at 10:36am, Cape Coral Police Officersresponded to a report of a disturbance at 422 Coral Drive. Chad Strublecalled 911 and advised that he and his girlfriend, Kristel Soini, hadbeen threatened with a handgun by Soini's brother, Michael Schenker.

Struble told the dispatcher that Schenker was armed with a handgun andthat he and his girlfriend Soini had retreated to a bathroom inside ofthe home. Struble and Soini exited the residence through a door leadingfrom the bathroom and met the initial responding police officers.

Soini told officers that her mother, Dorothy Schenker, was still insideof the home along with Michael Schenker. Dorothy was safely evacuatedfrom the home and met with officers as well.

Soini, Struble and Dorothy Schenker told police that Michael Schenkerwas inside of the home and he was armed with a handgun. Soini andStruble provided statements to police that they were threatened byMichael and that he was barricaded inside.

With the information that the victims provided to officers, the scenehad to be treated as a barricaded gunman. With that, the safety of theneighborhood became paramount. The SWAT Team was summoned complete withnegotiators to talk Schenker out of the home.

As Soini, Struble and Dorothy Schenker were debriefed further, it waslearned that enough time had elapsed between the victim's exit and thearrival of police that Schenker could have left the residence.

Michael Schenker told police negotiators that he fled the home prior toofficers arriving at the residence and he was not in the area when theygot there. As is standard, the perimeter was maintained and efforts totalk with Schenker via telephone continued. Even though it was becomingapparent that Schenker indeed fled the home prior to police arrival, itneeded to be confirmed.

During ongoing phone conversations with Schenker, he was unclear as tohis whereabouts and the possibility existed that he may have been insideof the residence. Another curveball that police had to contend with wasthat Dorothy Schenker told officers that her son Michael has apropensity for hiding inside of the home's attic to avoid authorities.

Schenker's phone died and contact was lost. To ensure that Schenker hadnot harmed himself while inside of the residence, the SWAT Team enteredthe home to confirm whether or not he was inside. The home was searchedand it was now confirmed that Michael Schenker was not in the home.

Probable Cause existed for the arrest of Michael Schenker on charges ofAggravated Assault with a Firearm for threatening his sister KristelSoini and her boyfriend Chad Struble.

Cape Coral Police Street Crimes Unit began their hunt for Schenker. Thecanvassed the neighborhood and contacted residents and asked for theirassistance in locating Schenker. In true community partnership, at about8:20pm, CCPD received information from a neighboring residence that itappeared as though a TV was on in a bedroom at 422 Coral Drive. CCPDofficers arrived and made entry into the house via an open rear slidingglass door. Michael Schenker was located in Kristel's bedroom watchingtelevision. He was taken into custody without incident. MichaelSchenker spontaneously told officers that his intention initially thismorning was to commit 'suicide by cop'. He planned to fire at the copsto have them return fire and kill him.

"This is the very reason that we follow protocol in potential barricadedgunman situations. Mr. Schenker had very bad intentions yesterdaymorning. One of the main reasons that tragedy was avoided yesterday wasthe fact that the Cape Coral Police Department adheres to sound tacticalstandards. This has never been more vital as 5 Florida Police Officershave been killed by gun violence this year...and it's only March" saidLieutenant Tony Sizemore.

Sizemore further stated "We are grateful for the partnership we havewith our citizens. This partnership took a dangerous man off of thestreets of Cape Coral."

Lieutenant Anthony Sizemore

Cape Coral Police Department

Professional Standards Bureau

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