On 3/27/11 at about 4:32pm, a Brinks transport truck was in the process of picking up money at the Publix located at 127 Cape Coral Pkwy.W.

As a Brinks employee was exiting the Publix store and walking towards the Brinks armored vehicle, a white male approached the Brinks employee from behind and tasered the employee in the neck.

The employee dropped the coin and cash bags during the tasing and was temporally stunned. The single male suspect grabbed the canvas Brinks bag containing an undisclosed amount of cash and checks and ran from the scene.

It is believed that a black SUV was waiting for the suspect on the north side of the Publix store where the suspect was last seen running. Some limited video was obtained regarding the event. The video should be available tomorrow.

No other information is available at this time. More information will be released tomorrow.