Subject: Cape Coral Police Peacefully Resolve Barricaded Subject/Standoff

On Sunday March 27th at 6:54am Cape Coral Police Officers responded to a barricaded subject, possible hostage situation in the 1400 block of Venetian Court.

A female caller told dispatchers that she had fled her home because her 37 year old husband was inside, armed with a knife. She stated that the male was threatening suicide may be under the influence of prescription medication and that he was acting irrationally. The caller further advised that her four children were inside the residence asleep.

Officers began arriving at the home and quickly established containment around the perimeter of the home. Officers met the female caller outside. She stated that her four children were in the home, a 16 year old boy, a 7 year old girl and twin 3 year old girls. Police were informed that all of the children were sleeping in different rooms and the 7 year old was sleeping in the master bedroom.

Scene Commanders established a takedown/rescue team and obtained a diagram of the interior of the home. Simultaneously, contact was attempted with the male subject via cell phone (there was no home phone).
Contact was unable to be established with the subject. Phone calls were then attempted on the 16 year old boy’s cell phone, also without success.
Officers then attempted to attempt contact/dialogue with the male by using the PA system from a patrol car.

At this point, one of the children, believed to be the 16 year old male, looked out a window, then closed the blinds and was not seen again. Scene Commanders decide to activate the SWAT team based on growing concerns for the safety of the children.

Officers were then able to establish phone contact with the 16 year old male. Officers explained the situation with him and asked him to check on the status of the other children in the home. It was learned that none of them were in their bedrooms and he did not know where the male subject was. He further explained that the master bedroom door was closed. The 16 year old then unlocked the front door at the request of officers.

The information provided to the officers by the 16 year old was that the girls were in the master bedroom with the male subject. Commanders at the scene determined that they needed to rescue the children as soon as possible.

Lieutenant Darren McKenna put together a team to enter the residence and establish containment on the master bedroom. As the team was being put together, the 16 year old boy advised Sergeant Robert Wardrop via cell phone that his twin stepsisters are out of the master bedroom. Sergeant Wardrop gave the 16 year old instructions to get him and the girls to the front door if possible. There, Sergeant Frantz gathered the children and brought them to safety. At this point, the 7 year old girl was unaccounted for.

Lieutenant McKenna and his team then entered the residence and established containment on the master bedroom. Immediately upon entering the residence, the master bedroom door was opened and the male subject stepped into the opening. The subject was greeted by Lieutenant McKenna and was taken into custody without incident. The 7 year old girl was found safe in the master bedroom.

The adult male was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. Criminal charges are pending.

“Once again, quick decision making coupled with sound tactical execution saved lives. Our officers train and prepare for these situations, and it was very evident today.”