Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: March 4, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Officer Receives Award for Saving Infant

Cape Coral Police Officer Justin Altman received the department's Lifesaving Award for his efforts in reviving an infant in February.

On February 16th while on patrol, Officer Altman observed a car traveling in excess of 70mph on Santa Barbara Blvd. He pulled the car over and began to approach the driver.

At that moment, the driver was hanging out of the driver's side window screaming for help. Officer Altman ran to the window and observed a man and a woman inside of the car; the man was holding an infant.

The man and woman were the parents of the 3 week old boy who was not breathing and was turning blue. The couple were racing to the hospital. Officer Altman called for EMS on his police radio, took the baby and performed a quick assessment and began first aid.

Officer Altman held the baby on it's side and delivered a few light blows to his back and dislodged a large amount of mucus that had become stuck in his airway. Instantly, the baby started crying and his color returned to normal. EMS arrived moments later and examined the baby. They determined that there was no need to take the baby to the hospital and released him to his parents with a follow up visit to the pediatrician.

Said Chief Jay Murphy of Officer Altman, "Thank you Justin, your quick actions undoubtedly saved this infant's life".

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