Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990


Date: April 21, 2011


Subject: Cape Coral Police Officer David Wagoner Returns Home from the Hospital


Cape Coral Police Officer David Wagoner arrived at his home this morning at approximately 11:45am. He was driven home by an officer and received a police escort from Lee Memorial Hospital. His street was lined with officers who showed up to greet him.


Officer Wagoner will be resting at home and will not be granting interviews to the media. In fact, the investigation surrounding his shooting incident is under review. This is standard procedure when an officer fires their weapon. Therefore, he is prohibited from discussing the incident until the investigation is concluded. This may take several weeks.


The family will release a prepared statement through the Cape Coral Police Department’s Public Affairs Office soon and will not be entertaining questions.


I will be sending out the release from the family early next week. Please be mindful of the family’s privacy in the interim.


“Officer Wagoner was in good spirits when he arrived home today. He shook hands and hugged his fellow officers when he got out of the car. He’s going to get some much needed rest. Everyone is just so happy to see him home safe. On behalf of the entire Cape Coral Police Department we say thank you to the community for your continued support.” –Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.