Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990


Date: April 25, 2011


Subject: Cape Coral Police Arrest Suspect after Chase; Recover Fully loaded Pistol


Cape Coral Police Officer Jeremy McClurg of the department's traffic enforcement unit was working in the 900 Block of Hancock Creek Blvd South on Friday April 22nd at 3:00pm. Officer McClurg saw an Oldsmobile drive past him and the driver was not wearing his seatbelt. This caught the officer's attention.


The Officer pulled onto the roadway to get behind the Oldsmobile. Prior to turning on his overhead lights to pull the car over, the driver of the Oldsmobile ran the stop sign at Pondella Road and Hancock Creek Blvd at approximately 20mph. Officer McClurg then pulled onto Pondella Road and turned on his lights to pull the car over. The driver looked in his driver's side mirror at the officer and accelerated away from him.


As is policy, Officer McClurg did not engage in a pursuit due to the violations being only traffic related. The officer was however able to observe the driver continue at a high rate of speed and enter a neighborhood. Officer McClurg sat at the entrance to the neighborhood because his experience told him that canals surrounded this particular neighborhood and it was one way in-one way out.


As McClurg was sitting at the entrance to the neighborhood awaiting backup, a neighbor came up to him and told him that an Oldsmobile had crashed a few blocks away and the driver ran from the crash on foot in the neighborhood. Officers then set up a perimeter around the area andbegan searching for the suspect. A resident called CCPD and told the dispatcher that a male suspect was hiding in the bushes behind her home.


The suspect was confronted by officers and was ordered to get on the ground. The suspect refused and attempted to run from officers. He ran approximately 300 feet through backyards before he was taken into custody by an officer with a Taser.


The suspect, Kevin Gunn told officers that he ran because he knew thathis license was suspended. In fact, Gunn's license had 18 active suspensions.


A resident notified us that she observed Gunn just after he crashed his car. The resident saw Gunn take items from the car and hide them in the bushes nearby before he ran from the scene. Officers searched the area and located laptop computer and a fully loaded Glock pistol.


Kevin Gunn was placed under arrest on charges of:

Reckless Driving

Driving on a Suspended License

Hit and Run (leaving the scene of a crash)

Resisting Arrest


"Once again the citizens of Cape Coral helped us catch a dangerous individual. Their trust in this department and willingness to get involved made this capture possible. A suspect that is willing to put others in danger with his reckless driving and then to run through a residential neighborhood with a fully loaded semi-automatic pistol in the middle of the afternoon, at a time when kids are coming home from school, needs to be caught. It's another reminder of what Police Officers face on any day at any time." -Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.



Kevin Gunn (03-31-69)

3419 Winkler Avenue

Fort Myers, FL 33916