Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: April 4, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Make Attempted Murder Arrest in Pool-HallStabbing

On Saturday April 2nd at 10:53pm, Cape Coral Police responded to a 911call at Rack Em' Billiards located at 1011 Cape Coral Parkway East forwhat was described as a physical disturbance.

Upon arrival, Officers found several patrons and bar employees detainingHarold Scott Berkey. The patrons and employees told Officers that Berkeyattacked a man at the bar and stabbed him in the neck. The victim,Richard Falb, was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital with lifethreatening injuries.

Detectives determined that earlier in the evening Richard Falb was on abreak from his job at La Terrazza 47 (a restaurant next door to the poolhall) when he met Kim Lehmann and the two started talking. Lehmann isthe ex-girlfriend of Berkey, who was in the bar as well and observedFalb and Lehmann talking. At this point, approximately 8:45pm, Falb wentback next door to work and Lehmann went to dinner with friends.

Berkey sent two text messages to Lehman's phone at 8:58pm and 9:00pmstating that he was going back to Rack Em' to "stab people" and that hewas "ready to go to prison". Lehman did not check her phone andtherefore did not know that she received the messages until after theincident later.

After his shift at the restaurant had ended, Falb went back to Rack Em'Billiards where he again saw Lehmann who had returned as well after herdinner. Falb and Lehmann were talking with other friends when Berkeyapproached the group. Berkey then attacked Falb without provocation andstruck him several times around the upper torso and neck. Falb statedthat he felt pain in his neck and then noticed blood running down hischest. Falb looked down and saw a knife in Berkey's hand.

At that time, Berkey was grabbed by the patrons and employees of thebar. Falb used his shirt to press on his wounds until Police, Fire andEMS arrived at which point he was taken to the hospital.

Berkey was taken into custody by Cape Coral Police and charged withAttempted Murder, in part because of Berkey's premeditated intent asevidenced by his text messages to Lehmann.

Although Falb was stabbed several times and medical personnel said thathis wounds could have been fatal, he is expected to recover.

"We are grateful for the swift actions of the staff and patrons of RackEm' Billiards. These actions coupled with the efforts of Fire and EMS nodoubt saved Mr. Falb's life. The quick work by Police took an extremelydangerous person off of the streets of Cape Coral and we are all saferfor it" said Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

Harold Scott Berkey 06-26-71

5034 Sorrento Court

Cape Coral, FL 33904

Charges: Attempted First Degree Premeditated Homicide