Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: April 5, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police & US Marshals Arrest Cape Coral Robbery Suspect

In December of 2010, a Cape Coral woman met Eric Bernard Otto at a pain clinic in Fort Myers. The two had a discussion about buying and selling leftover prescription drugs at the end of the month. Otto and the woman exchanged cell phone numbers and left the clinic.

Over the next several days, the woman and Otto exchanged text messages and phone calls and brokered a deal whereby the woman agreed to sell Otto her leftover Oxycodone pills for cash. The two agreed to meet in the Bob Evans Restaurant parking lot located on Del Prado Blvd on December 11th at 9:30pm.

The woman sent her fiancé to the drug deal. He was to exchange (15) 30mg Oxycodone pills for cash. The male victim parked his van in the parking lot and waited for Otto to arrive. Otto arrived and got into the passenger seat of the victim's van. The victim handed the pills to Otto, who then attempted to exit the van prior to the payment. The victim grabbed Otto by the shirt and was pulled outside of the van as Otto exited. Once outside of the van, Otto shot the victim in the stomach. Otto got into a vehicle and fled while the victim then drove himself across the street to the BP Gas Station and summoned help. The clerks at the gas station called Cape Coral Police.

Detective Paul Kaye took over the investigation and developed Eric Otto as the suspect. Probable cause existed for Otto's arrest on charges of Armed Robbery and Aggravated Battery with a Firearm; however he could not be located.

On Monday April 4th Officer Chris Lucas, who is on the Cape Coral Police Department's Street Crimes Unit and currently assigned to the US Marshal's Office Fugitive Task Force, located Otto in Fort Myers at his girlfriend's house. Officer Lucas and the Marshals took Otto into custody.

"It is all too easy to dismiss this case as just a drug deal gone badly. While this is true, the transaction occurred in a place where many Cape Coral residents go with their families. For a suspect to so brazen as to shoot a man in such a public place, we needed to capture him. Southwest Florida is a safer place with Mr. Otto behind bars." -Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

Eric Bernard Otto (05-24-88)

3628 Crestwood Lake Drive #307

Fort Myers, FL 33901


Robbery with a Weapon

Aggravated Battery with a Firearm