Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: April 8, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Detectives Make Arrest in Burglary; CreditCard Fraud Case

On February 17th 2011 a victim discovered that someone had entered hisunlocked van that was parked at his residence located at 1313 SE 24thAvenue. The suspect had stolen the victim's wallet, which was leftinside of the van.

By noon that day, when the victim came to Cape Police Headquarters tofile a report, his credit cards had been used to purchase items totalingnearly $700 dollars. The largest purchase was a computer that was boughtat Walmart.

Detective Jason Hicks met with Walmart security personnel and observedsurveillance video of the transaction. The video showed a male wearing acream colored hat with a distinctive design on it. The suspect also hada visible tattoo on his arm of two pieces of barbed wire.

On March 3rd, Detectives with the Lee County Sheriff's Office served asearch warrant on a vehicle in which they recovered stolen property.Some of the stolen property was from an unrelated Cape Coral burglary.The suspect in LCSO's case, Zachary Shomer, matched the description ofDetective Hick's case.

A review of surveillance photos from the LCSO case show Shomer using acredit card that was taken in an auto burglary wearing the same clothingas the suspect in Detective Hick's case.

In a jailhouse interview with Cape Coral Detectives, Shomer would notadmit to the burglary on SE 24th Avenue. When he was shown still photosfrom Walmart showing the suspect using a stolen credit card, Shomersmiled and admitted that he did indeed have clothing matching thesuspect. Shomer also has a tattoo of two pieces of barbed wire on hisarm, just like the suspect.

Shomer also told detectives that he was staying with a friend a fewblocks from the victim's house on SE 24th Avenue around the time of theburglary.

With this evidence, Detective Hicks arrested Shomer on charges of AutoBurglary and Credit Card Fraud.

"This is another example of great teamwork between Law EnforcementAgencies. The Cape Coral Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff'sOffice have a storied history of cooperation to solve crime." -Lieutenant Tony Sizemore