Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: May 9, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Chief Jay Murphy Announces "Community-Police Advisory Committee"

Cape Coral Police Chief Jay Murphy announces the formation of his "Community-Police Advisory Committee" -celebrating our ongoing partnership. The group is made up of four components:

1. Neighborhoods

2. Business & Commerce

3. Community Interest Groups

4. At-Large Members

This all volunteer committee is comprised of community members who will meet regularly to provide input to the Chief of Police. The mission of the group is to act as a liaison between the community and the police department, and to promote community awareness, understanding, and involvement in police department programs and services.

The Community-Police Advisory Committee will look to provide avenues to identify problems and/or issues from both the community to the police department and from the department back to the community. The group will meet quarterly to achieve these objectives.

"When we began this Community Engagement Process in January, I said that we would look for opportunities in which we could interact directly with the public. I believe that this Community-Police Advisory Committee will do just that. This is a tremendous opportunity to increase both the dialogue with the citizens as well as the transparency." -Cape CoralPolice Chief Jay Murphy.

Below are the members of the committee:

1. Neighborhoods

1.1. Northeast Homeowners'/Neighborhood Associations - Chris Serio, Bella-Vida Community

1.2. Northwest Homeowners' Association - Ms. Stella Peters, President

1.3. Southeast Homeowners'/Neighborhood Associations - Mr. Zeb Strait, Pres. Cornwallis

Cornwallis Parkway, Everest Parkway, Beach Parkway etc. (1-year rotating)

1.4. Southwest Homeowners' Association - Joe Cervoni, President

2. Business and Commerce

2.1. Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce - Ms. Michelle Lewis, Chair

2.2. Community Redevelopment Authority - Mr. Don Heisler, Chair

2.3. Southwest Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Mr. Maikel Delgado, Ambassador

2.4. Horizon Council - Mr. Wayne Kirkwood, Chairman

3. Community Interest Groups

3.1. Cape Coral Community Foundation - Ms. Beth Sanger, ExecutiveDirector

3.2. Cape Coral Neighborhood Watch - Mr. William "Bill" Speed, President

3.3. Senior Services - Kevin Amante, CEO, Gulf Coast Village

3.4. Youth High School Student Government Presidents - c/o Eric McFee, Principal CCHS

Cape Coral, Ida Baker, Island Coast, Mariner, Oasis (1-year rotating)

3.5. NAACP - Ms. Paula Rivers

3.6. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)- Lee County - Lance McKinney, Chair

4. At-Large

4.1. Faith Based Community - Pastor Jeff Swearinger, Cross Point Church

4.2. Media - Matt Petro, Vice President, Ft. Myers News-Press

4.3. Public Defender 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida - The Honorable Kathleen Smith

4.4. Health Care - Ms. Donna Giannuzzi, Chief Patient Care Officer, Lee Memorial Health Systems