Cape Coral Police Department
1100 Cultural Park Blvd
Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: May 17, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Arrest Man on Felony Charges after Morning Brawl with Neighbors

On Monday May 16th at 9:15am, Officer Alex Mino-Ramirez responded to a reported disturbance at 614 SE 46th Terrace. Upon arrival, Officer Mino-Ramirez was greeted by Darren Day who had blood dripping from a fresh wound on his upper arm.

Day told police that he and his neighbor, Thomas Badie were involved in an argument moments earlier. Badie was yelling out of his window at Day accusing him of stealing his tools. Day told officers that he watched as Badie then walked over to his lanai, open the screen door and enter his lanai.

Day went out to the lanai to confront Badie and tell him to leave the property. Badie did not comply and tried to force his way past Day. The two struggled and a ceramic bowl fell to the ground breaking into pieces. During the struggle, Badie grabbed Day in a bear-hug and carried him into Day’s apartment where he then threw him onto a couch.

During the commotion, Darren Day’s sister Brooke Day-Amidon, who lives next door came over to see what was going on. Day and Badie continued to fight as Brooke tried to pull the two men apart. Badie then picked up a piece of the broken ceramic bowl and threw it at Day, striking him in the upper arm causing a laceration that would require stitches.

Badie then picked up a piece of baseboard that was on the floor and broke it across his knee which left sharp edges to the wood. He then struck Brooke across her back with the piece of wood causing a minor injury to her. Badie then walked out of the apartment and Day called police.

Officer Mino-Ramirez located Thomas Badie who was outside of his own residence. Badie was detained and questioned by Officer Mino-Ramirez. Badie admitted to confronting Day and striking him with a piece of a broken ceramic bowl. He denied striking Brooke Day-Amidon however.

Thomas Badie was arrested and charged with:

2 counts of Aggravated Battery
1 count of Burglary w/Assault or Battery

Thomas P Badie 11-29-80
614 SE 46th Terrace #3
Cape Coral, FL 33904