Cape Coral Police Department
1100 Cultural Park Blvd
Cape Coral, FL 33990

Date: May 18, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Name Officer Brandon Marlow as April’s Officer of the Month

The Cape Coral Police Department is proud to announce that Officer Brandon Marlow has been named Officer of the Month for April 2011. Officer Marlow has been with the Cape Coral Police Department since 2009 and is assigned to the 4th Platoon of the Patrol Bureau.

On Tuesday April 19th Officer Marlow was conducting proactive patrols in his zone. Officer Marlow was concentrating on areas within his patrol zone where he remembered seeing known members of KGB (a criminal street gang) hanging out. This was an area in which neighbors had complained to police about possible drug activity.

As, Officer Marlow drove to the area, he observed a dark red van with dark window tint near SE 22nd Lane and SE 8th Avenue. Officer Marlow noticed a male subject at the front of the van. The male as well as the driver of the van noticed Officer Marlow. The van sped away and the male subject began quickly walking away from Officer Marlow.

The male kept looking back rather nervously at Officer Marlow as he was walking away. As Officer Marlow pulled alongside of the male, he noticed a bulge at the male’s waistline (consistent with a weapon or narcotics). Officer Marlow stopped his car and initiated a conversation with the male.

The male, later identified as KGB gang member Jone Perez, agreed to speak with Officer Marlow and told him that he was just dropped off by his mother after picking up his prescription medication. Officer Marlow noted that Perez became increasingly nervous and was continually looking towards the house that the two were standing in front of.

As Officer Marlow was waiting on back up to arrive, he instructed Perez to refrain from answering his cell phone, which was ringing a lot. Perez reached into his pocket, retrieved his phone and answered it and yelled “out front now”. At that moment, an unknown male and female came rushing out of the house towards Officer Marlow.

After Officer Marlow was able to stop the male and female’s advance with some minor difficulty, he was able to place Perez into handcuffs as Officer Dustin Green arrived as back up. During the handcuffing process, Perez yelled to the male and female, “They got me with X”.

Perez was found to be in possession of narcotics. He was arrested and charged with Resisting an Officer w/o Violence; Felony Possession of Marijuana and Trafficking in MDMA (ecstasy).

Officer Marlow is was awarded Officer of the Month for his proactive police work and his handling of a potentially dangerous and stressful situation which resulted in the apprehension of a documented gang member on felony drug charges. It is important to note that Perez is a fellow gang member with Yousel Lopez-Rivera who just 7 days prior to this incident shot a Cape Coral Police Officer.

“We are proud of Officer Marlow for his professionalism and bravery. His proactive police work helped a group of citizens get their neighborhood back.” -Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.