Cape Coral Police Department

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990


Date: May 25, 2011


Subject: Cape Coral Police Officer David Wagoner Receives New Ballistic Vest


Cape Coral Police Officer David Wagoner came to Police Headquarters on Tuesday for a ceremonial presentation of a new ballistic vest. Matt Davis, President and CEO of Armor Express, came from company headquarters in Central Lake, Michigan to personally present the new vest to Officer Wagoner. Armor Express is the manufacturer of the ballistic vests worn by Cape Coral Police Officers and was the brand worn by Officer Wagoner the night he was shot. The vest is credited with saving his life.


Davis was accompanied by Adam Chalker of Dana Safety Supply out of Jacksonville, Florida. Chalker is the supplier of the vests to the Cape Coral Police Department. Armor Express customarily provides a new vest free of charge to any officer who has been shot in the line of duty and their product saves the officer’s life.


Well over 100 officers, dispatchers and support personnel as well as Officer Wagoner’s family attended the private ceremony at Police Headquarters. Davis said that while his company always provides a replacement vest, this is the first “Ceremonial Presentation” they have made at a department. Davis further stated that he would use the presentation at the Cape Coral Police Department as the model for any future replacement vests issued in similar circumstances.


Armor Express President Matt Davis read a prepared speech and then formally presented Officer Wagoner with his new vest. Officer Wagoner thanked Davis, his fellow officers and staff for their support for him and his family. Police Chief Jay Murphy said some closing remarks and the remainder of the ceremony was filled with hugs, handshakes and well wishes for Officer Wagoner and his family.


“Thank you all so much for the love and support you have shown me and my family”. –Officer David Wagoner.