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Date: June 16th 2011

Subject: Officer Misty Keller Awarded Officer of the Month for May

Cape Coral Police Officer Misty Keller has been named officer of the month for May. Officer Keller is a 6 year veteran of the force and is assigned to the 1st Platoon of the Patrol Bureau.

On May 14th Officer Keller responded to 2129 Viscaya Parkway to check on the welfare of an elderly woman. A caller to CCPD stated that they have not been able to reach 97 year old Stella Woodley by telephone and they were becoming worried.

Woodley answered the door when officers arrived to check on her but Officer Keller sensed that something wasn't quite right. When Officer Keller asked Woodley (who doesn't drive) how she gets to the doctor and grocery store, Woodley told Officer Keller that a "lady" comes to take her. Officer Keller asked Woodley if she had food in the house. Woodley only had some milk and crackers in the home.

After speaking with Woodley further, Officer Keller discovered that Woodley's phone had been shut off and she was having trouble with the phone company. Officer Keller took a look at Woodley's bill and discovered she was being charged for things that she did not need. Officer Keller called the phone company and worked out a plan that was more suitable for Woodley and had her phone reconnected within the hour.

Officer Keller then took it upon herself to go to the grocery store and purchase several bags of groceries for Woodley, enough to last a week.

Officer Keller contacted the CCPD Victim Advocate's office and put them in touch with Woodley for assistance in the future with services.

"I have had the pleasure of reading a commendation narrative authored by one of your fellow officers regarding your concern and compassion for a 97 year old citizen during a call for service. Thank you for an impressive display of good community policing", said Police Chief Jay Murphy to Officer Misty Keller.