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Date: June 28, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Detectives Arrest Suspect for Grand Theft Auto; Several Burglaries

On June 5th Cape Coral Police took two separate reports of car burglaries. One was at 817 SW 52nd Street and the other was at 606 El Dorado Parkway West. Both car break-ins occurred overnight and both cars were unlocked.

Among the items taken from both burglaries were credit cards. Both of the victims' credit cards were attempted to be used at a Publix supermarket located a short distance away, 1616 Cape Coral Parkway West.

Detective Jason Hicks was assigned the cases and later developed Edgar Keller as a suspect in the crimes. Detective Hicks met with the store manager at Publix, who positively identified Keller as the individual who used the victims' credit cards at the store.

On June 24th a 2008 PT Cruiser was stolen from 439 Avalon Drive. The victim awoke to find that someone had taken it without his permission sometime overnight. The vehicle was unlocked and a spare key was inside of the car.

Later that same day, Firefighters responded to a report of a male passed out in a blue PT Cruiser at the Hess Station on Cypress Lake Drive. The male awoke when firefighters tried to assist him. The male thwarted the firefighters' efforts to help him and drove away. A check of the license plate revealed that it was the stolen PT Cruiser from Cape Coral earlier in the day. A short time later, the PT Cruiser was located near the Cape Coral Yacht Club and the driver was detained.

The driver was Edgar Keller. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to Cape Coral Police Headquarters for an interview. Keller was interviewed by Detectives Jason Hicks and Michael Toleman. Keller confessed to committing several burglaries of exclusively unlocked vehicles near where he has been living.

Keller was arrested and charged with two counts of burglary of a conveyance, several counts of credit card fraud, theft and grand theft auto.

"This is an example of great detective work. It also serves as a reminder to lock your car doors, as the suspect in these cases told investigators that he specifically targeted unlocked vehicles. It's a real-life lock it or lose it case."- Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

Edgar Keller (10-25-89)

Homeless- Cape Coral, FL