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Date: June 29, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police/Fire 911 Communications Center is State Certified Training Center

In 2010 the Florida State Legislature passed a law requiring all 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators become certified by the state. This law mandates that all persons employed by a state agency or local government whose duties include answering 911 calls; dispatching Police, Fire and/or EMS and having access to federal, state and local crime databases be certified by a state approved training program by October 2012.

911 Public Safety Telecommunicators must attend a course that meets standards outlined in the Department of Education's 911 Public Safety Telecommunication Curriculum Framework.

In May of this year, the Cape Coral Police Department submitted their own 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Training Course to the State of Florida for approval. On June 24th, the Cape Coral Police Department received word that their program meets the standard set by the state and the department has been named an official training site.

This means that, very soon, all personnel answering 911 calls and dispatching Police and Fire for the City of Cape Coral will be state certified, over a year ahead of schedule. This is also a time and cost savings as there is no need to send Telecommunicators to other training sites to receive state certification.

"We have long since believed that our Communications Center, staffed with hard-working professionals, was a model for the state. Now, the state agrees as evidenced by our designation."- Commander Paula Carter, head of the department's Communications/Logistical Support Bureau.