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Date: July 14, 2011

Subject: Cape Coral Police Hand Out Citizen Recognition Award for June

After hearing about the "Safe Senior Workshop" and presentation on "Financial Exploitation and Crimes against the Elderly" hosted at Cape Coral Police Headquarters, Sherri Buncich had an idea.

Buncich went to visit her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Scelfo, who are in their late seventies. The Scelfos recently had a salesperson at their home who was attempting to sell them over twenty-seven thousand dollars worth of unnecessary modifications to their home with promise of a free item.

Buncich notified Cape Police and after some investigation, it was determined that she was correct in her concern about the salesperson attempting to take advantage of the Scelfos.

The salesperson identified by Buncich was in fact, unlicensed and was representing a company that was not even registered. Buncich put her instinct into action and saved Mr. and Mrs. Scelfo from potentially being victims of exploitation or fraud.

Detective Alisha McDonald heard about what Buncich had done and nominated her for the Department's Citizen Recognition Award. The award is given to citizens who, in part, provide assistance or information beneficial to the solving or deterring of a crime.

"Congratulations Sherri Buncich. We often speak of Community Engagement around here; well this is exactly what it is. A citizen who wants to get involved and keep their neighborhood safe, knowing that their Police Department is here to help. Sherri made the call, and together, we may have prevented a really sad situation."-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.