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Date: July 8, 2011

Subject: Cape Police Detectives Arrest Suspect after 2 Years on the Run

On September 9, 2009 a husband and wife returned home from vacation to discover that jewelry and power tools had been stolen from their home while they were gone. The value of the items stolen was over $3,000.

The couple's son, Mark Richard Vann, told his parents that his friend Philip Rayannic had taken their tools and jewelry and pawned it at a local pawn shop. The victims called Cape Coral Police and filed a report.

Detectives researched the transactions that occurred at American Pawn Company in North Fort Myers and discovered that Rayannic did indeed pawn the couples' items. Detectives located and arrested Rayannic for the grand theft, dealing in stolen property and violation of the pawnbroker act. During the interview with Detectives, Rayannic confessed to the crimes but told police that Mark Vann also stole some of his parents' items and pawned them.

Detectives checked Larry's Pawn and Bob's Best Jewelry and discovered that Mark Vann pawned a generator, air compressor and several pieces of gold jewelry that belonged to his parents. Transaction paperwork from the pawnshops each had Mark Vann's thumbprint on them. The prints were compared by Forensics Technicians and they were a match for Vann's.

Detectives now had probable cause for the arrest of Mark Richard Vann for grand theft, dealing in stolen property and violation of the pawnbroker act. However, before Detectives could locate and arrest Vann, he fled to Michigan in September of 2009 to avoid capture.

On July 1st of 2011, Detectives received a tip that Vann had returned to Florida and was in North Fort Myers. Cape Coral Police Detectives located Vann and took him into custody for the open charges. Upon being interviewed by Detectives, Mark Richard Vann confessed to the crimes.

"Our Detectives work tirelessly on these investigations and this is proof positive that they won't give up, even if it takes years. We are very proud of their hard work and dedication."-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.

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