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Date: August 10, 2011

Subject: Cape Police Traffic Enforcement Strategy Leads to Decline in Crashes

Traffic Citations are down 34% from this time last year, and that's fine with the Cape Coral Police Department. That's because traffic crashes are down 10%.

The drop in the number of tickets being issued is due in large part to the department's philosophy of focusing enforcement efforts in the areas that have proven more dangerous in terms of traffic crashes.

"What we have been doing is focusing our enforcement efforts to the traffic crash hot spots. That strategy does not increase the number of citations but it should decrease the number of crashes, and the numbers show that. It's about Outcome versus Output" said Chief Jay Murphy.

The goal of the department is to reduce the number of crashes on our roadways not simply write tickets for the sake of writing tickets. Tickets are written to influence driver behavior. When crashes decrease, citations should also decrease. That is happening.

From January 2010 thru July 2010 Cape Coral Police Officers wrote over 14,000 citations. Over the same time period this year, Officers have written just over 9,000 citations.

Cape Coral Police have responded to nearly 200 fewer crashes in 2011 from last year's total thru August.

Another reason for the drop in citations is that members of the department's traffic enforcement unit were assigned back to street patrol for a few months to help with staffing. The Patrol Bureau was short staffed due to Military deployment and a few officers out due to injury.