Cape Coral Police Department

Jan 2012 Do The Right Thing 


The Cape Coral Police Department’s Do The Right Thing program will be awarding eight students today for their outstanding efforts in their community.  Please join us today (1/11/12) at 2:00 pm in Cape Coral Council Chambers.  Toa's guest speaker will be Cape Coral City Councilman Kevin McGrail.  See below for award winners' bio and information.

John Dickman, 8th grade, Challenger Middle, son of John & Kelly Dickman

John is an exceptional young man and an outstanding student.  He is truly an inspiration for the other students at Challenger. John has Chron’s disease, an extremely debilitating illness, but accoring to staff at Challenger, he never complains, and never uses his illness as an excuse; in fact works much harder to compensate for the time that he loses to his illness. He is always cheerful, polite, and is extremely well-liked by all of his peers. They recognize his wonderful character and embrace his enthusiasm for learning and for life in general. John doesn’t hide his illness, and in fact is an advocate for Chron’s disease, spearheading fundraising opportunities to generate awareness. Recently he sold wrist bands as a fundraiser for the disease and when his classmates learned that John not only raised money for Chron’s, but also was afflicted by it, they were in awe. They never imagined that someone with such a phenomenal attitude had to deal with this illness at such a young age.


Ashley Gosling, 12th grade, Ida Baker High, daughter of Jennifer & Sean Gosling

On 11/29/2011 at approximately 4:30 pm Ashley’s 2 yr old neighbor was found in the swimming  pool.  Another neighbor, hearing the commotion, ran outside while dialing 911 and being a nurse for 30 years, began CPR.  Ashley, who was coming home from her dual enrollment class, saw what was happening and also ran to the scene.  She quickly took over, started chest compressions and performed CPR for 7 to 8 minutes before paramedics arrived.  Ashley had recently completed an infant CPR class at Ida Baker High and also worked in the past as a lifeguard at Sun Splash Waterpark where she received additional water rescue training.

Frequently people receive recognition when lives are saved.  Rarely do they get recognized when lives are lost due to circumstances beyond their control despite the efforts of the rescuer.  This was the unfortunate tragedy in this case.  After witnessing Ashley’s rescue attempts many neighbors have expressed interest in learning CPR so they too can help if ever called upon by a neighbor or family member.  Ashley herself has her sights set for the University of Florida to be a Heart Surgeon.  


Cici Garcia, 7th grade, Caloosa Middle, daughter of Brenda Garcia

Cecelia has shown incredible heart and determination this past quarter.  According to Cecelia’s teacher, Mr. Stevens, she must have been pacing herself because she set his geography class on fire bringing her grade from an F to a strong B.  He goes on to say that not only have her grades increased, but her behavior and attitude have become so positive they’re even rubbing off on classmates.  Mr. Stevens noticed her urging a friend to get her make-up work in to raise her grade.  She told the classmate “if you do a couple assignments a night it’s not that bad and you’ll be done in no time.”  The following day she asked this student if she had gotten her work done and when she said no, Cecelia offered to help her.  When class ended, Mr. Stevens heard Cecelia making plans to meet to help get some of the make-up work done.  Cecelia is a bright girl and we expect her new attitude will put her soundly on a path for success.  


Maria Perez, 11th grade, Island Coast High, daughter of Carlos & Erica Perez

In mid November, as Maria was walking through the Publix parking lot, she noticed an infant alone and crying in a closed car.  She checked throughout Publix searching for the mother to no avail so then called 911 and waited by the car until police arrived. Maria’s concern for this child was commendable and we thank her for her actions.  


Heather Baker, 4th grade, Diplomat Elementary, daughter of Shawn & Roger Baker

On November 21st, Heather wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from school.  Since mom and dad work, Heather’s grandma volunteered to stay home with her.  At about 3:30 in the afternoon, Heather’s grandmother became very ill.  She could barely breath and was vomiting blood.  Recognizing that her grandma was in dire need of medical attention, Heather immediately called her mom who in turn called 911.  Heather stayed by her grandma’s side as the EMT’s arrived. Heather’s grandma was transported to the ICU at Gulf Coast Hospital where the EMT’s as well as the doctors praised Heather for her quick actions in an emergency situation.  Good job, Heather.


Arianna Torres, 12th grade, Island Coast High, daughter of Yair & Elise Torres

Island Coast held a food drive for families at that school who may not get a decent meal this past Thanksgiving.  Ariana heard about the drive and went to Tim Loughren, the Senior advisor at Island Coast and offered to donate an entire meal for a family in need as well as to deliver it.  She then went home and told her family about the situation and was able to convince them to assist her in donating entire meals with all the trimmings to five families. She delivered them to her school mates and their families on the afternoon before Thanksgiving so they, too, could celebrate the holiday in the traditional way.  Ariana certainly embraces the philosophy of giving.


Cristina Cabezas, 12th grade, Island Coast High, daughter of Mario Cabezas 

Kassandra Garcia, 12th grade, Island Coast High, daughter of Mario Garcia & Regla Llanas

Prior to Thanksgiving, Cristina and Kassandra went out into the community and solicited donations from Winn-Dixie and Publix in order to feed some of the Island Coast High community who would not ordinarily be enjoying a Thanksgiving meal. They put together the meals and on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving they personally delivered 6 complete Thanksgiving dinners with all the trimmings to deserving families in the Island Coast student community. They also helped coordinate the successful delivery of 6 more full meals to deserving families in the Sun Coast community. These young ladies went above and beyond in donating their time, money, in order to help others. Their senior advisor, Mr. Loughren states, ”they certainly embody all of the good attributes that people think may be missing from our young people. I am honored to have them at my school and to know that as seniors they are aiding us in being in a little better shape in the world.”