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Cape Coral Police Arrest Burglary Suspect; Solve Ten Additional Burglaries

(January 5, 2012)- On December 30th Cape Coral Police Officers responded to a report of a burglary in progress at 3729 SW 5th Place at 5:30am. Officers met with a witness who told them that a male wearing a hooded sweatshirt and long baggy white shorts was breaking into a car. The witness confronted the male and told him that he was calling the police. The suspect then ran from the scene.

Officers converged on the neighborhood to search for the suspect. Officer Dan Barbour recalled encountering Kenneth Kovach earlier in the night. Kovach lives in the area and was wearing clothing similar to that described by the witness to the burglary.

Officers made contact with Kovach on the back porch of his home. Kovach told Officers that he had been locked out of his residence. Kovach was still wearing the hooded sweatshirt and white baggy shorts he had on earlier. The witness was brought to the scene and positively identified Kovach as the suspect he had seen moments earlier breaking into a car. Kenneth Kovach was arrested on charges of burglary and transported to CCPD Headquarters for an interview.

Kovach confessed to committing the burglary and also admitted to several more. Kovach has cooperated with Detectives Michael Toleman and Jason Hicks of the Property Crimes Unit and to date, the Detectives have cleared 10 burglaries committed by Kovach with more charges pending. A search warrant of Kovach's home netted the recovery of a large amount of stolen property.

"Heads up police work and an Officer taking ownership in his patrol zone, coupled with skilled Detectives solved over 10 burglaries. Some of the items recovered and returned to the victims were Christmas presents. A good ending that all started with an alert citizen who made the choice to get involved by contacting their police department."-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore


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