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Cape Detectives Use Forensics to Arrest Pair for Burglary; Theft

(January 6, 2012)- On December 15th Cape Coral Police responded to report of a break in at 2926 SE 1st Avenue. Officers had gone to the home because the burglar alarm had activated.

The homeowner arrived at the residence and upon doing a walk-thru to assess the situation, it was discovered that some of her prescription medication had been taken as well as several pieces of jewelry. Police also discovered that the rear sliding glass door was ajar. Officer Jennifer Bochetti was able to successfully lift numerous latent prints off of the sliding glass door. The prints were submitted to the CCPD Forensics Unit for analysis.

On December 28th Forensics Techs with the Police Department analyzed the prints submitted from the burglary and discovered that they were a match for Kerrin Saunders. Detective Michael Toleman asked the victim if she was familiar with Saunders. The victim did know Saunders as she is the daughter of her live-in boyfriend.

Detective Toleman did some more investigating and discovered that Saunders and her boyfriend Marcus Bell sold gold jewelry to The Gold and Coin Shop on Del Prado Blvd shortly after the burglary. Photos were taken of the jewelry sold to the Gold and Coin Shop and shown to the victim. They were indeed hers. The employee of the shop also positively identified Bell and Saunders as the couple who sold the jewelry on December 15th.

Detectives brought Bell and Saunders in for questioning about the burglary and selling the stolen jewelry. Upon conclusion of the interview, both Marcus Raymont Bell and Kerrin Saunders were arrested on charges of Burglary, Grand Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property.

"Because of the solid crime scene processing of the first responding Patrol Officer, it enabled our Forensics Unit to identify a suspect. This information enabled our Detectives to quickly wrap up the case. This was another great example of teamwork."-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore


Kerrin Saunders 11/07/85

4114 SW 1st Avenue

Cape Coral, FL


Marcus Raymont Bell 07/07/77

4114 SW 1st Avenue

Cape Coral, FL