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Cape Coral Remains One of the Safest Cities in Florida and United States

(October 30, 2012)- The 2011 FBI's National Crime Report was released yesterday and once again Cape Coral was recognized as one of the safest cities in the state as well as the nation as a whole. Below is a quote from Cape Coral Police Chief Jay Murphy taken from an address to the sworn and civilian staff at the police department.

"Today, the FBI released the national report of Crime in the United States for 2011. These comparisons are provided with the FBI's caveat which is contained in the attached document.

For Florida cities, we once again find ourselves as one of Florida's safest large cities. The table below is that of Florida cities with populations greater than 75,000 residents. The rates are based on incidents per 100,000 residents. We find ourselves #3 as it applies to overall reported crime. This is attributable to a higher number of property crimes than the two cities ahead of us.

We remain the safest city as it applies to crimes of violence. Our residents are least likely to fall victim to a crime of violence than any other city in the State of Florida with a population exceeding 75,000 residents.

This is directly attributable to your work and the relationships we have built with the community. We need not look too far to see what happens when the community does not cooperate with law enforcement, and we cannot afford for our relationship to slip, and we are quite cognizant of our residents' cooperative attitude and the overall sense of a law-abiding citizenry that we are privileged to serve.

On a national basis there are 9,315 cities who report crime to the FBI. Of these, 155 cities have a population exceeding 150,000, of which Cape Coral ranks as the 144th most populous reporting city.

We find ourselves as the sixth safest of these cities in the United States as it pertains to violent crime and 32nd for property crimes, resulting in an overall Index Rate ranking of 27th.

What is also important is an agency's success in solving crime. As demonstrated by the following table, we have experienced notable success in identifying and holding accountable those that commit crime. Our local clearance rate is roughly 150% that of the national average of all cities and towns in all categories.

Again our success in this area is attributable to staff efforts and our citizens' willingness to come forward and cooperate when called upon"-Jay Murphy, Chief of Police.