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Cape Police Release Video Recapping Accomplishments of 2012- "More Than Just Arrests"


(December 26, 2012)- Cape Coral Police Department has released a video recapping some of its accomplishments from 2012.  The video entitled, "More Than Just Arrests" can be seen on the police department's web page,



"The Cape Coral Police Department certainly has a lot to be proud of this year.  Thanks to the hard work of the men and women of our agency, the City of Cape Coral continues to be one of the safest places that you can live, work, or play in Florida," said Detective Sergeant Dana Coston.



Set to the song, "Home" by Phillip Phillips, the video starts out describing some of the day-to-day tasks that the police department does, and goes on to cite the statistical downturn in crime that the city has experienced. The video then transitions to a montage of various events that the police department has held or participated in throughout the year.



Coston says,"Some of the most important work we do- the work that really touches lives, has nothing to do with making arrests or solving crimes.  We wanted to put something together as a retrospective of some of the important work that our officers do above and beyond their normal duties.  The genuine caring that our officers have for this community is undeniable."



The video will remain on the main page of the police department's web site through the end of the year.  The video can be viewed directly here: