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Cape Coral Police Narcotics Detectives Bust Meth-Lab

(March 22, 2012)- Cape Coral Police Narcotics Detectives take down a suspected meth-lab. Detectives, Forensics Personnel and Hazmat Crews dismantled a meth manufacturing operation at 2122 Jacaranda Parkway West. The Lee County Bomb Squad and DEA assisted in the dismantling of the operation inside of the home. Cape Coral Code Enforcement has deemed the house unlivable due to the presence of dangerous chemicals used to make methamphetamine. Hazmat crews have removed the dangerous chemicals and the threat to the neighborhood has been removed.

Detectives, who began investigating the meth lab after receiving a tip, have arrested two suspects. Michelle Bishop and Christopher Evans, both of 2122 Jacaranda were arrested by Detectives on charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine with Minors Present, Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Trafficking methamphetamine and Child Neglect. The minor children in the home have been taken into custody by DCF. Detectives recovered over 12 ounces of manufactured methamphetamine from the home. (Over 6 grams constitutes trafficking in methamphetamine).