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Road Rage Suspect Identified; Arrested

(March 30, 2012)- The suspect who spit on a 75 year old woman in traffic on Wednesday afternoon in a fit of road rage has been identified as 33 year old Kurt Ronis of Cape Coral.

Lois Artino was being driven home from the airport by her son when Ronis pulled alongside of the van the Artino's were riding in. Ronis was yelling and swearing at the Artinos, and then he began spitting at the passenger window of the van. Lois Artino was spat upon several times by Ronis.

The Artinos pulled over and called Cape Coral Police to report the incident. The Artinos relayed a description of the suspect and his vehicle.

Cape Coral Police obtained a surveillance photo from the midpoint toll booth of the suspect driver, however his identity was unknown. The photo was broadcast by local media as well as in hopes of identifying the suspect. Within minutes, Kurt Ronis was developed as a suspect when his photo was recognized by an administrative assistant in the Major Crimes Unit.

The administrative assistant (who does not wish to be identified) notified the investigating officer of her discovery. Officers showed a photo line-up to Lois Artino, who positively identified Ronis as the man who spit on her in traffic.

Officers made contact with Kurt Ronis at his home on Thursday morning and questioned him about the incident. Ronis confessed to spitting on Artino and was arrested on charges of battery.

"We are the first to give credit where credit is due, oftentimes when we ask the public for assistance identifying suspects from surveillance photos/videos, it is a citizen who provides the crucial piece of information. This time, it was one of our own. This isn't the first time that this administrative assistant has assisted in solving a case either. That's often a component that is overlooked, our civilian staff. It takes all three to solve crime: the citizens, sworn officers and our civilian staff here at the police department."- Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.


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